Q Sertorius is a music writing powerhouse offering you:-

Original New Top Quality finished songs & pieces of music if you are in the media.

Original New songs & pieces of music for collaboration and your own flexible arrangement, if you are a band/artist/dj/musician etc.

Writing to order. If you want us to write something on a theme, in a certain style, we will do, to a deadline for anyone.

Music and/or lyrics of the highest order Music across genres. If you want a specific genre, that is fine.

No obligation meeting on Teams or Zoom. Face to face if required.

Led by TJ Joseph (Tony to friends!), one of our ambitions is to collaborate in creating new breakthroughs in the field of popular music with like-minded people.

We have ideas in this area, if you want to talk/discuss.

We are aiming to build long term creative relationships and we are totally honest, ethical and reliable and if we promise something, we do it.

We can work to deadlines as well as under pressure, no sweat.

We aim to be the best at what we do and we know we have to prove this to you.

Will work worldwide

Tony (TJ Joseph) is a unique entrant into the world of modern music in that he has had a successful career in business but his real passion is writing music (he is 18 in his head and has young ears). By his own admission, he did not have the self confidence to go for it in music in his early twenties, being a shy lad at the time!, and went into a proper job instead. He has continued to write music all his life so we have an immense catalogue of songs and pieces of music available. For Tony, it is unfinished business and he is determined to demonstrate the quality we produce and the world class level we work at.